Fertility Solutions

Fertility Solutions is a whole person fertility programme designed to meet the unique needs of individuals and couples looking to conceive.  Often psychological issues, emotional problems and unresolved anxiety affect conception and can cause years of heartache and disappointment. These kinds of issues, whether they relate to present life difficulties or to past events such as violent or sexual abuse, grief, abandonment, bullying or rejection, all have a tremendous effect on the mind and emotions, which then affect the physiology of the body and can compromise reproductive function. 

Resolving issues

Unresolved issues create a sense of worthlessness and shame, destroying confidence and affecting self esteem long after the initial event.  Difficult emotional issues are buried deep within the subconscious mind - through times of great challenge thankfully the ability to cope kicks in and supports an individual to survive, though the unresolved feelings get buried alive and continue to affect the emotional, mental and physical wellbeing in many ways for some the inability to conceive is a result of these stressful times.  

Reducing stress

Times of stress, and the burden of responsibility, can continue to cause depression and anxiety for years - often without being recognised until reproductive health is affected.  Unfortunately for many people these deeply buried feelings continue to be overlooked and instead more invasive procedures are enlisted when often releasing the emotional blocks from the subconscious mind is the key to resolving the fertility issues they face.

Changing deeply held beliefs

Fertility Solutions specialists are trained to help unravel the mystery of infertility by releasing subconscious programs which compromise reproductive health.  Every client is unique and has their own story, experiences and unresolved issues from the past and present which are addressed, and lifestyle changes are supported, which helps change deeply held beliefs affecting overall physical health.

Even physiological problems such as endometriosis and polycystic ovaries can be helped by Fertility Solutions practitioners.

A free initial consultation is designed to help assess your suitability for the Fertility Solutions programme and will give you the opportunity to talk to a specialist about your fertility needs.

I believe that depression, often in response to chronic stress, can indeed play a part in infertility.  For some infertile women, depression may be an initial trigger, which then feeds a cycle of increasing emotional upset that further reduces their chances for conception.  In both instances, depression may hinder one or several biological factors crucial to fertility including maturation of the egg, ovulation and implantation.  When we effectively treat women's stress and subsequent depression, we stand a chance of helping them become fertile.

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