Enhancing Fertility Naturally

Aromatherapy Oils

Essential oils can help to bring a woman's hormonal and reproductive system back into balance and thus promote fertility.  They are a great stimulation for the male reproductive system too and can assist in increasing sperm quality and quantity.

Essential oils are sensual and by stimulating the senses they can help bring the pleasure back into baby making, bringing you closer to your partner and relaxing you both into life and lovemaking.

Rose Oil

Rose essential oil increase fertility in both men and women, and like Clary sage, is said to have aphrodisiac properties.  Put a few drops in the bath water for yourself and your lover.  Rose oil helps increase sperm count, enhancing reproductive health in both you and your partner.


Rosemary has long been valued for its fertility enhancing properties and used to be woven into the headdress of brides to assist them with conception.  Rosemary oil can be diluted in gentle carrier oil, and rubbed between the hip bones to help sooth any inflammation within the reproductive organs, or to help open blockages.

Rosemary oil is also said to help stimulate the male reproductive system.  It can be use in both massage and bath tubs for both male and female reproductive support.


Lavender is so versatile, it sooths and relaxes and is extremely useful in increasing fertility.  With its slightly aphrodisiac effects, it can help make lovemaking more pleasurable.  Sexual pleasure allows for the right temperature, lubrication, and alkalinity for conception to be present in the body.