Often the mind worries non stop and loops round and round in negative self talk, always thinking the worst and expecting to be disappointed.  Deep relaxation can help break these negative cycles and create a new happier way of being by suggesting positive expectations which can have a direct and lasting affect on the physiology of the body.

An important part of the Fertility Solutions programme is deep relaxation which is taught and developed through powerful hypnotic CDs.  Creating a relaxed state of mind is essential for health and wellbeing and the easiest way to obtain this is through hypnotic suggestion and positive affirmation.  The subconscious mind uses the language of guided imagery and metaphor to learn how to relax and whilst in a relaxed state new possibilities are suggested for the mind to consider.

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The relaxation CDs and MP3s are written and professionally recorded by hypnotherapist and renowned fertility specialist Tracy Holloway.  Many couples believe they have conceived their baby as a direct result of listening to these words and suggestions, carefully recorded and delivered to the subconscious mind whilst relaxed in this way. 

Participating in the Fertility Solutions programme with a qualified practitioner is by far the most effective way to resolve the issues faced.  A practitioner can design sessions around your specific needs.  As part of the programme clients are given the appropriate CDs to listen to at home in between their therapeutic sessions.

There are a range of CDs used by Fertility Solutions practitioners which ensure that even between sessions everything is being done to prepare the body for conception, health and happiness. 

Some of these CDs are also available to buy online.