Solving the Riddle of Infertility

Tracy Holloway's pioneering work as a fertility specialist has enabled many women to conceive where all else has failed.  She describes how each person’s infertility is like a puzzle or riddle, unique to them, which once understood can clear, leaving a ripe and fertile space in which conception can take place.

There are many challenging or difficult experiences in life which can affect a person emotionally and if these emotional difficulties are left unaddressed, the physical body can become compromised and fertility can be affected.  Each person deals with stress in a different way, many people are more stressed than ever before - with heavy work loads, financial pressures and family/relationship difficulties to name but a few. 

Thoughts affect the body

The way we think and the way we feel not only affects our bodies physically but also limits the reality we can create.  We can only create what we can imagine and for most people stress makes them imagine the worst in every area of their lives.  The more you imagine the worst, the more negative your own inner world becomes, the worse life gets, stress increases, the physical body becomes ‘blocked’ and so the cycle of negativity continues - increasing the likelihood of health issues, and for some individuals the health issues show up as infertility. 

The various mind/body techniques Tracy uses to work with the emotional disturbances which cause infertility are woven together to alleviate the specific problems and help restore balance.

Each client is unique and their history is the blueprint to their present physical health.  The memory of all emotional disturbance is stored within the cells, within the DNA and the information stored there can override the body's natural tendency towards procreation.

In the many years Tracy has been researching the effect emotions/thoughts/beliefs have on fertility she came to recognise a pattern within many of her clients of low self esteem, lack of self belief and unresolved issues such as guilt, shame, resentment, anger, rejection and self condemnation.

The power of the subconscious mind

There can often be past abuse of an emotional, verbal, physical, mental or sexual nature which has never been addressed.  Women can often feel they are being punished by ‘God’ or that they must have done something wrong in a past life to deserve a life without children now.  The thoughts and feelings people have about their infertility varies enormously depending on their belief system.  

A young woman's developing reproductive system can be negatively affected by a lack of love and support as she struggles through the difficulties of puberty alone.

For some young women who see their own mothers struggling, abandoned, depressed, unloved and resentful, they can activate within themselves an emotional program which says ‘I never want to have children if this is how it will be’.  Later, though their conscious thoughts have changed, buried deeper in the subconscious is the negative view of motherhood which imprinted at a very delicate time and now influences their ability to conceive.

Equally, for many women there can be all sorts of conflicting programs running in the deeper, more powerful subconscious mind.  Though consciously everything is being done to achieve pregnancy, unconsciously fears are prevalent –

  • ‘Is this world a safe place to bring up a child?’ 
  • ‘Can I afford a child?’ 
  • ‘Will my relationship survive?’ 
  • ‘Will I survive?’ 
  • ‘What if I am a mother like my mother?’ or
  • ‘What if I'm unable to be as good as other mums and I let my child down?’.

Bereavement, abandonment, bullying, shyness, self hatred and fear are some of the issues uncovered by clients as they journey to the core of their fertility issues and clear them out of the way in readiness for conception and ultimately parenthood.

These powerful subconscious thoughts/feelings/beliefs are often at the core of most women's fertility issues and are easily reprogrammed to help communicate a new message through the cells of the body. 

One of the things that many of Tracy's clients tell her once they are pregnant is that they are glad that infertility gave them the opportunity to resolve old issues which would have otherwise remained buried under the surface, as now they know they will be much more balanced emotionally and positive mentally as a parent – giving their children a wonderful, loving and nurturing foundation from which to grow. 

“I believe that with all unexplained infertility the answer lies within.”  Tracy Holloway