About Tracy Holloway

Tracy is a clinical hypnotherapist and psychotherapist having trained with the Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis.  A Licentiate Member of The Hypnotherapy Society, The National Council of Psychotherapists and The Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy.  Tracy has studied advanced clinical hypnosis for fertility and childbirth, is a certified hypnobirthing practitioner and is one of the country's leading certified hypnofertility specialists, having trained with American pioneer birthing and fertility hypnotherapist Lynsi Eastburn.

Assisting clients to conceive a baby

After years of successful client based work Tracy specialised in Fertility and was able to put all her skills into practice to help many people achieve their dream of conceiving a baby.  Tracy's guidance was often successful where all else failed and she continued to develop new approaches using mind/body modalities to help bring about conception for her clients.  As the success and popularity of her work increased, Tracy developed the whole person fertility programme and trained others in Fertility Solutions.

Passing on the knowledge

Tracy now trains practitioners to specialise in the area of women’s health and infertility for both male and female reproductive dysfunction.  Fertility Solutions practitioners are trained in a whole range of techniques which are drawn together from Tracy’s years of experience helping clients with a whole range of fertility issues.  As every client is different the whole person programme is designed to meet the unique needs of the individual or couple and help them to achieve their goals. 

Fertility Solutions practitioners are able to support and assist their clients with compassion, humility and without judgement.  They are sensitive to the needs of their clients whilst able to apply the highest ethical standard and help create positive change.  All Fertility Solutions practitioners remain under the guidance of Tracy Holloway and continue to train and develop their skills as more advanced techniques are developed.

More about Tracy's pioneering work

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