Practitioner Training

Fertility Solutions practitioner training course

Written and taught exclusively by Tracy Holloway.

Would you like to become a Fertility Solutions practitioner?

Do you realise the implications of emotional unease on the physical body?

Are you interested in women's health?

Would you like to witness people move on from difficult life situations easily?

Would you like to help resolve fertility issues in both men and women?

Have you ever thought how rewarding it would be to have a career helping otherwise hopeless ‘infertile’ couples realise their dream as parents?

Would you like to train as a Fertility Solutions practitioner?

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Infertility affects between 20-25% of couples who are of reproductive age.  This means that at least one in five couples will be affected by some degree of infertility.  In the UK alone an estimated 1,750,000 couples may have difficulty conceiving.

Reproduction is a normal human event that is absolutely necessary for the survival of the human race.  Infertility is therefore not part of nature's plan.  Often, infertile couples will go to extreme lengths to conceive, often with heartbreaking consequences.  Fertility Solutions has been incredibly success at helping many ‘infertile’ couples conceive where all else has failed and it is because of this success that specialised training has been developed.

This training has been designed especially for qualified practitioners who would like to specialise in the area of fertility and women's health.  This is such a rewarding area to work in as there is nothing more special and sacred than helping a new life into this world.  Couples can unnecessarily struggle with fertility, going to extremes in their desire to have a baby.  The mystery of their infertility can be easily unravelled using Fertility Solutions techniques as often the problem stems from deeply buried emotional difficulties and negative self belief.

Often, even physiological reproductive issues such as endometriosis and polycystic ovaries have their root in suppressed emotions and negative programs.  These can be resolved with the help of hypnosis and other techniques, and the correct support using herbs, essences and supplements - bringing about healthy, natural conception.

This course is jam packed with information drawing on Tracy's years of experience in this field.  Attending this course will give you all the knowledge you need to confidently help each client seeking assistance with reproduction, helping them to find their own Fertility Solution.