What Can It Help With?


Endometriosis can be successfully helped with the Fertility Solutions programme even if you are not looking to have a baby but are just looking to be healthy, happy, vibrant and positive in your life.  A free initial consultation will help assess whether this programme is suitable for you.

Lifestyle and stress are contributing factors to endometriosis and so learning to manage the condition in a positive way is usually the best option.  Modifying habits and behaviour and managing stress effectively promotes health and well-being that will support healthy reproductive function and assist in enhancing fertility in those wishing to conceive.

Stress increases cortisone output from the adrenal glands, impairs immune function, elevates blood pressure and heart rate, and affects hormonal balance.  Stress may also negatively affect hormonal balance and muscle tone, upsetting the oestrogen and progesterone balance and triggering excessive output of adrenal stress hormones.  This then impairs the body's ability to limit the scarring and inflammation caused by the endometrial lesions.

Stress Areas

  • Work
  • Finance
  • Relationships
  • Anxiety
  • Security

Emotional Areas

  • Self worth / confidence / performance
  • Worries / negative thinking
  • Regrets
  • Fears
  • Self punishment

Stress, worry and ongoing anxiety directly affect the physical body and can impair reproductive function.  Women with endometriosis also have the added anxiety of having their lives disrupted by their symptoms which can include painful intercourse, exhaustion, depression, physical discomfort and an overall feeling of poor health.

With the added concern of whether the endometriosis is affecting their fertility, many sufferers find themselves on a roller-coaster of hormonal imbalance, emotional difficulties, lethargy and self loathing.

Whether you are looking to be free from symptoms or enhance your reproductive function Fertility Solutions can help.

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