What Can It Help With?

What can it help with?

Studies now reveal that utilising mind/body techniques to help fertility increases the chance of conception.  Some of the issues, both emotional and physical, that can be helped by Fertility Solutions practitioners are:

Physical symptoms

EndometriosisPolycystic OvariesIrregular cycleFibroids

Unresolved emotional issues connected to events such as

StillbirthMiscarriageAbortionDeath of a child / loved one
Bereavement / Loss / GriefSexual abuse/violation - as a child or as an adultViolent/mental/emotional abuse - as a child or as an adultRape
BullyingAccidentTraumaBeing abandoned
Being rejectedBirth traumaShock and trauma from medical interventionTraumatic relationship breakdown

Unresolved issues either from childhood or as an adult, resulting in feelings of

Worry AnxietyStress Low self esteem
Lack of confidenceBetrayalAbandonmentRejection

Other issues which effect fertility can also be addressed, such as

DrugsEnvironmental toxicityFailed assisted conceptionNegative/destructive world view
Fear of birthFear of parenting  

Any one of the above issues can result in the reproductive health being compromised.  This is what makes Fertility Solutions such a great success the past is the foundation to the reality created now and often difficult emotional issues from the past are buried deep within the subconscious mind and avoided at all cost often people are unaware that these issues are still affecting them until their fertility is affected.  With the help of a caring, well trained practitioner the past can be cleared away, resolved and released thus making way for a new and happy life, creating a fertile place through which your baby is conceived.

Positive results

Many people who have successfully completed this programme say that infertility gave them the opportunity to resolve difficult issues that they may not have had the time or courage to face if it hadn't been for the effect it was having on their reproductive function.  In retrospect they are able to say without doubt that their initial fertility difficulties forced them to face up to and deal with the past and thus enabled them not only to conceive but also to be better parents as a result. 

It would seem that not only is this programme a must for conscious conception, it is also the best possible start in a child's life as the reproductive systems of those who clear away the stagnant and negative issues from the past are the most sparkling and welcoming place for a new baby to nestle in and call home.

Infertility affects between 20-25% of couples who are of reproductive age.  This means that at least one in five of the couples will be affected by some degree of infertility.

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